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Build a Skin Care Routine in 4 Steps

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Your skin is your largest organ by 16%. While your skin does more than the atmosphere, do you take care of it well enough?

To learn about the daily skin care routine, read these four steps to the perfect skin.

1. Cleansing

Start your routine by washing your face with water or soap with the appropriate pH for your skin type. Experts recommend washing your face twice a day to keep the skin clean and pores open.

Never go to bed make-up on. Sleeping without removing your make-up has terrible consequences that could lead to rashes, premature aging, infections, and many more.

Even if there is no make-up on, you must clean your face from the air pollution exposed all day.

2. Tonic

What is a cleansing tonic?

A cleansing tonic is a product that balances the ph of the skin after soap.

Since the tonic also has antiseptic properties, it prevents the formation of acne and minimizes the formation of blackheads as well as cleansing the face of excess oil.

In fact, by cleaning the face thoroughly after soap, you take steps for flawless skin.

3. Serums

After washing the face, the serum should be the first product that touches your skin.

It is applied to restore the moisture the skin lost.

Serum shows its effect even in 1 drop thanks to its intense content full of vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E.

Be careful and try not to use it too much. As I said, even 1 drop will be enough. The serum nourishes the skin by affecting even the lowest layer of the skin.

Due to their nutritious content, you may see too many kinds of serums in anti-aging skin product sections.

3. Moisturizer

After the serum, there comes the moisturizer’s turn.

Some professionals recommend moisturizing your face twice a day. Because every skin type differs, it is better to moisturize your skin according to the needs of your body.

Do not skip this step!

Even oily skin needs moisturizers. Moisturizers help the skin protect itself against irritation.

There are some misunderstandings nowadays. It is a mistake to think of serum as a moisturizer.

Serums can reach the deepest layers of the skin to deliver their ingredients whereas moisturizers do their job on the surface of the skin.

4. Sunscreen

That is the last but not least point in your routine.

To protect your face from the dangerous damage of harmful UV rays, use suitable sunscreen even before going out and, if possible, at home every day. This way, you'll decrease your risk of developing skin cancer and many other deadly illnesses.

I’ve been using one with moisturizing formula, and if you are looking for sunscreen, search for one with a moisturizing function.

Also, if you are suffering from acne, try to act upon the necessities of your body, and buy the ones that do not clog the pores which are called "sunscreen for acne-prone skin".

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