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It's Possible to Say Farewell to Blackheads if You Do These 3

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Whether you have oily skin or not, you may have to deal with blackheads. But, don’t get frustrated. It is one of the most common forms of acne, and too many people are afflicted with blackheads. So, let's make an intro to blackheads.

What is a blackhead and why does it occur?

Blackheads are the clogged hair follicles in our skin. Sebum, the oil, is responsible for protecting our skin and keeps our skin soft. When the face gets oiled too much, the follicle gets exposed and the fat accumulates there; and when the skin starts to breathe, these white spots turn into blackheads.

Blackhead intention can change by countless factors such as your body oil, bacteria, hormones, diet, and many more. It may sound like everything you do is responsible for growing blackheads, but so is preventing them to occur.

How to treat blackheads?

  • Washing your face and cleansing it twice a day is the basis of healthy and blackhead-free skin.

The other steps we recommend you to do are:

  • Applying masks

  • Scrubbing your face with a skin brush

  • And of course, keeping the cliche healthy life must which is a healthy diet.

1. Keep your skin clean

That is, washing the face with appropriate soap or cleanser every morning and evening and then moisturizing it. This way you will prevent your pores to be plugged, and minimize the risk of having blackheads.

However, do not skip the moisturizing part. Since if you do not moisturize your skin, the body will start to release more oil than normal because it is dry, which will cause more acne and more blackheads. Don’t forget that you should keep your hands away from your face because squeezing your acnes and bumpy spots may leave marks on the skin.

2. DIY masks

Masks are great ways to balance the oil of your skin. Applying a mask weekly will be enough to nourish and clear your skin by absorbing excessive oil and dirt. Make sure not to leave any product on your face after use and wash your face with warm water immediately if you feel a burning sensation afterward.

We believe that this mask recipe will help you so much!

Honey Mask

  • 1 dessertspoonful of honey

  • 1/2 dessertspoonful of lemon juice

Mix the honey and lemon juice, and apply it over your face. Avoid contact with the eyes, and wash your face after leaving the mask on for 15 minutes.

Due to the vitamins and minerals contained in lemon, it is an important collagen stimulant, so its contribution to skin renewal is quite large. At the same time, the citric acid contained in it will help you get rid of black spots by opening the pores. Since honey also has natural antiseptic properties, it will help you to get rid of bacteria. I am sure that you will get efficient results by using this mask once or twice every week.

3. Using tools and products

The capabilities of your body are not limitless. To avoid any further skin problems or help your skin recover when it needs foreign aid it is best to use products. Here are our product recommendations that have been so helpful for blackheads.

While 7 different heads are enough to purchase this brush, it is also cheaper than a lot of other facial cleansing brushes. It's super good at deeply cleaning pores and makes the skin so much brighter.

I am one of those who bought this by the recommendation of a YouTuber, and I loved it. It smells good, the moisture is fine, not so dry, and is a good product to save the day.

This face scrubber opens the pores by massaging. I bought it at a discounted and very affordable price. I think it really works. I use it for many jobs. I hold warm water on my face and then spray the cleaning gel on the tool and continue for 1-2 minutes. My face feels very clean after washing with warm water. Then, I put the moisturizer on the tool and apply it deeply to my skin. I have never felt such a fabulous effect before.

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