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Learn to Use Face Acids and Complete Your Skincare Routine

Acids are not always used as chemical weapons to dissolve anything they touch. In fact, they work so well on the skin and help it improve that they are one of the most common ingredients in beauty products.

There are different types of acids but they mainly work the same:

dissolving and removing dead skin cells on top and leaving a smoother, brighter surface.

Since acids work by removing the dead layer and opening a new one, they are perfect at fighting anything unperfecting your skin such as:

  • acne

  • wrinkles

  • age spots

  • scars

Different types of skincare acids


AHA, or Alpha Hydroxy Acid, is a kind of fruit acid. It's derived from natural ingredients such as cane sugar, milk, and grapes.

It can go down to the lower layers of the skin. It provides an intense source of moisture to the skin due to its water-loving properties. It renews and refreshes the skin and is recommended specifically for dry skin with sun and acne spots. Since it is a natural peeling, I recommend you to use it mostly in winter, and never forget to apply your sunscreen.

Before using acids, those who have allergic skin may choose not to use these, considering that you may be sensitive to the ingredients they are produced.

Or choose the ingredients that you have tried before and found effective.


BHA, or Beta Hydroxy Acid, is a type of fat-loving acid. It works and becomes effective on the upper surface of the skin.

BHA is recommended for people with oily skin suffering from acne or blackheads. It prevents acne formation by cleansing the pores. Thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it prevents the cleansing of the skin surface and slows down the formation of harmful bacteria.

How to use these acids

It would be safest to first determine your skin type and then choose acids that are suitable for your skin problems. In this way, you can include acids in your care routine according to the seasonal differences and needs of your skin.

I generally prefer to apply these intensive and effective treatments at night. Thus, while my skin regenerates cells at night, it uses the ingredients it needs from acids to help me wake up to a fresher texture in the morning.

Skin acids are not a complicated issue as you can see. You just need to determine your skin and its needs. I'd like to remind you that you should consult your dermatologist for the right formula.

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